Dr. Michael Riesberg, an ENT physician and Pensacola’s acclaimed “Opera Doc,” is known for his medical expertise, leadership, vision, and philanthropy work. Riesberg Institute began in 2001 with a vision to create a destination medical practice that specializes in sinus, hearing, and voice — all under one roof. Riesberg Institute has grown to become Northwest Florida’s premier destination for convenient in-office balloon sinus procedures, hearing aids, and treatment of vocal conditions. Patients of Dr. Riesberg are impressed by his friendly manner, knowledge, and skillset.

Dr. Riesberg is passionate about his community and is highly-involved with many charity organizations. The organizations he supports include: Pensacola Opera, Capstone Academy, ARC Gateway, Independence for the Blind, American Cancer Society, Covenant Hospice, Trinitas Christian School, Council on Aging, Pine Forest High School, and Pine Summit Baptist Church.

As a board-certified otolaryngologist, Dr. Riesberg is affiliated with a number of professional associations including: Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Escambia County Medical Association (President in 2009), Military Officers Association of America, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and York Rite Masonic Lodge.

The Journey

Dr. Riesberg began his journey to becoming a successful otolaryngologist at the Indiana University School of Medicine where he earned his Doctor of Medicine in 1985. From there, he went on to join the United States Navy as a Flight Surgeon.

Dr. Riesberg served as a search and rescue US Navy flight surgeon with both the Naval Hospital Philippines as well as Fleet Composite Squadron 5 in Japan, Philippines, and Southeast Asia. During this time, he also had temporary assignments with VRC-50. Dr. Riesberg regards his US Navy experience as incredibly beneficial in preparing him to be a surgeon.

Since 1999, Dr. Riesberg has supported the Pensacola Opera through his philanthropy and his involvement as a chorus singer and actor. He is even commonly known as the “Opera Doc” for being the official physician for the Pensacola Opera for more than 15 years.

Having a passion for futuristic thinking, Dr. Riesberg has been the lead inventor for a number of notable projects. His patented invention, Healthcare Automated Lifesystems, uses interactive smart technology to transform the ICU, OR, ER, and Trauma Unit into a faster, more efficient and more accurate care environment. It restores the human elements of patient care while reducing medical errors.

Dr. Riesberg was also the visionary leader and inventor of the Category 5 vortex endotracheal tube and the Category 5 vortex tracheostomy tube. His goal with these inventions is to prevent ventilator acquired pneumonia by preserving mucociliary clearance of the trachea.

Today, Dr. Riesberg continues to grow his business in Northwest Florida into one known for its medical excellence, personalized care, and innovative treatments — all attributes that have made him a respected leader in the Pensacola medical community for over 15 years.

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