Do you think hearing aids cost too much?


What if I told you that hearing aids can cost less than your monthly cell phone bill?

What if I told you there is a way to upgrade your hearing aids every three years; without buying a new set?

What if I offered you a repair warranty and replacement coverage: for the lifetime of your hearing aids?


Would you be ready to hear more?


Staying current with the latest hearing technology does not have to be complicated or expensive. At Riesberg Institute, we are excited to offer a hearing aid lease program. This program can help you access new technology at an affordable cost, with no out-of-pocket fees to get started. With a hearing aid lease, you are eligible for Premium Hearing Aid Technology every three years!

How Does It Work?

You and I will work together to determine the best hearing aid solution for your hearing loss that fits your monthly budget. These monthly payments are at a fixed rate, for 36 months. At the conclusion of the lease, you turn in the hearing aids and upgrade to the latest in hearing aid technology. Leased hearing aids are always covered by the full manufacturer warranty for repair and loss/damage.


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