Routine care of your ears keep them healthy

Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Ears Healthy

Just like a car, your ears need routine maintenance too! From at home tips and tricks to ways our team at Riesberg Institute can help, we have everything you need to keep your ears healthy. Routine Cleaning Routine cleaning of your ears is very important however completing this act of hygiene incorrectly can do more harm than good. Everyday cleaning should be restricted to simply wiping the outer ear with a tissue or washcloth. The rule of thumb, or should we say elbow, is to not put anything into your ear that is smaller than your elbow. This includes Q-tips, pins or any other similar objects because they may injure your ear canal or eardrum. In fact, earwax is the ear’s way of self-cleaning! So although you...

Seek refuge from congestion due to birch trees this spring!

Say Goodbye to Congestion this Spring

Although we enjoy all of the gorgeous trees throughout our neighborhoods and community in Northwest Florida, did you know they could be causing you congestion? Get relief this spring and request Riesberg! Spring Allergies in Northwest Florida As residents eagerly await the sunshine and warm weather that springtime in Florida provides, many are dreading the tree allergens that will begin circulating the air. From Birch to Oak, these are the culprits that are causing your watery, itchy eyes and congestion.  Birch River Birch is common in Northwest Florida and sufferers of this allergen definitely take notice when it blooms. Residents should take extra precautions during the late winter and early spring since this tree usually blooms during this time. Bayberry As the wind picks up during springtime Bayberry quickly begins to...

Dizziness can be linked to ear problems

Is Dizziness Making You Feel Off- Balance?

Hearing loss effects more than the ability to communicate with others, it can lead to feeling off balance and dizzy. However choosing to treat hearing loss aggressively could decrease your risk of falling and other injuries. Make an appointment at Riesberg Institute, our audiologist will find the perfect fit for you and your hearing needs. How Does Hearing Issues Cause Dizziness? We do not hear with our ears, we hear with our brain therefore causing cognitive overload if you are straining to communicate. This cognitive overload often causes the feeling of dizziness and can cause you to be off balance. This often results in more serious injuries and greatly effects day to day activites. As you put off treating your hearing loss the strain on your...

Stop suffering from chronic sinus infections

Signs of Chronic Sinus Infections

For those who suffer from sinus infections we often wonder, “Is this considered a chronic sinus infection?” Although many symptoms of acute and chronic sinus infections may be similar there are specific signs and symptoms you should look for to identify what help you should seek. Acute vs. Chronic Sinus Infections Sinus infections interfere with drainage and causes mucus buildup. Often it may cause breathing to become difficult and can even cause areas around your eyes and face to become swollen and tender. The amount of time these infections affect you vary and that also can cause them to classified differently. Acute sinus infections are usually a part of a cold or other respiratory illness and lasts for a short period of time, which is described at...

Understanding the basics of sinus infections may help you with temporary relief.

Sinus Infections: The Basic Things You Should Know

Many of us have suffered from sinus infections, but do you know why you are experiencing this pain and pressure? Understand what your sinuses are, the at home techniques you can implement, and how you can schedule an appointment at the Riesberg Institute so you can experience relief.   What Are Sinuses? Many of us have suffered from pain and pressure in our sinuses, but do you know what sinuses are? Sinuses in the face are air the spaces develop from nasal passages and help with air humidification and mucus secretion. Inflamed sinuses decrease the ability to breathe with ease and causes mucus to drain while increasing pressure within your sinuses, this is often classified as a sinus infection. Sinus infections are often caused by a bacterial infection,...


What to Expect During Your Hearing Test

Having an appointment for a hearing test once you have started experiencing hearing loss can be nerve wrecking! But when you know what to expect during your appointment and understand how Riesberg Institute individualizes your experience, you can sit back and relax. Whether it’s simply asking questions to get to know you and your history or our assessment, Riesberg Institute prides itself in finding the best solution for your individual situation. Getting to Know You! Before any assessment, we want to get to know you! As we ask questions to further understand your medical history such as your hearing ability and current communication abilities, we can begin your individualized and detailed assessment. Our questions and assessment will be related to your individual lifestyle and hearing needs....


Is Your Ear Infection Causing Hearing Loss?

Ear infections can affect your hearing and even lead to temporary hearing loss. This is caused by the infection building up fluid and affecting the eardrum and other parts of the ear that help you hear. Ear Infections Ear infections often affect the outer or middle ear. As the middle ear moves to send sounds to your auditory nerve, you can experience hearing loss when this area is suffering from an infection. The infection can cause a buildup of fluid, which can make it difficult for the eardrum and the ossicular chain to work together to move sounds to this area. This type of temporary hearing loss is known as conductive hearing loss. Conductive Hearing Loss Conductive hearing loss is defined as occurring when sound fails to transmit...


Relax and Gain Relief with Our In-House Balloon-Sinuplasty

Riesberg Institute is one of the only offices in the region to provide the in-office balloon-sinuplasty. With an educated and experienced staff, quick relief and a multitude of other benefits you will be happy you enlisted the help of our office! In-Office Balloon-Sinuplasty At Riesberg Institute our in-office balloon sinuplasty provides the relaxing atmosphere patients desire during any procedure! With spa-like qualities like relaxing music and primary attention from all staff members your worries will vanish the moment you walk into our office. In addition to our tranquil atmosphere, Riesberg Institute provides other benefits that hospitals don’t. Convenience Forget the times you had to search for parking or what floor, suite or office your appointment is located at. At the Riesberg Institute we are adamant in providing convenience for...

Closeup portrait child hearing something with hearing loss

Hearing Loss Leads to Other Health Concerns

Hearing loss effects more than the ability to communicate with others, it can lead to various other health issues. However choosing to treat hearing loss aggressively could decrease your risk of cognitive decline, falling, and other health concerns. At Riesberg Institute our audiologist, is committed to finding the perfect fit for you and your hearing needs. Don’t Put a Strain on Your Brain! As many of us know we do not hear with our ears, we hear with our brain! As you put off treating your hearing loss the strain on your brain can lead to cognitive overload. Additionally, this negative impact on your brain leads to other health issues that impact your life. Memory Loss For people with hearing loss, the constant effort of trying to hear...

Fall allergies can be unbearable but the balloon-sinus procedure can provide you with relief!

Balloon-Sinus Procedure: Seek Refuge from Fall Allergies

As residents of the south, many of us run to seek refuge from exposure to allergens during the spring. But did you know that fall is actually a worse season for allergy sufferers? Luckily, at Riesberg Institute we can help! As one of the only ENT specialist in the region to provide the in-office balloon-sinus procedure, we are eager to assist you and provide relief from your discomfort. Fall Allergens in Florida As cooler weather comes to Florida, plants begin to release more pollen and the moist, cool air begins to spur mold growth on the leaves and other surfaces. These changes in temperature often spur ragweed, cedar elm and various types of molds. Additionally, as farmers begin to harvest peanuts during the fall, the harvesting...

Riesberg Sinus Institute Employees

Pensacola ENT, Riesberg Institute, to Host Grand Re-Opening Event While Honoring Pensacola Innovators

Dr. Michael Riesberg of Pensacola ear, nose, and throat specialists and philanthropists, will host an event honoring the “stars” of Pensacola during a grand-reopening of Riesberg Institute, on Tuesday, May 9 from 6-8pm. The community is invited to enjoy networking, dining, and drinks beginning at 6pm at Riesberg Institute, 4900 N. Davis Hwy in Pensacola, Florida. Attendees must RSVP to 850.476.0700 by Monday, May 8 to be admitted. “I feel very fortunate to be a part of the Pensacola community that has offered us overwhelming support since Riesberg Institute’s inception,” said Dr. Michael Riesberg, Otolaryngologist and Founder of Riesbserg Institute. “This event allows us the opportunity to graciously thank those who continue to do so much to make a bright and lasting impression on our community....


Meet the ‘Opera Doc’ — Michael Riesberg, M.D.

Dr. Michael Riesberg, an ENT physician and Pensacola’s acclaimed “Opera Doc,” is known for his medical expertise, leadership, vision, and philanthropy work. Riesberg Institute began in 2001 with a vision to create a destination medical practice that specializes in sinus, hearing, and voice — all under one roof. Riesberg Institute has grown to become Northwest Florida’s premier destination for convenient in-office balloon sinus procedures, hearing aids, and treatment of vocal conditions. Patients of Dr. Riesberg are impressed by his friendly manner, knowledge, and skillset. Dr. Riesberg is passionate about his community and is highly-involved with many charity organizations. The organizations he supports include: Pensacola Opera, Capstone Academy, ARC Gateway, Independence for the Blind, American Cancer Society, Covenant Hospice, Trinitas Christian School, Council on Aging, Pine Forest...

Riesberg Staff

Pensacola’s ENT Dream Team

“I can comfortably come here — you’re greeted nicely from the beginning,” says Chandra M., a patient of Riesberg Institute. This is just one example of what Pensacola’s ENT Dream Team strives for every day! Dr. Michael Riesberg believes that his team of friendly and trained medical specialists is what really makes Riesberg Institute an ENT destination unlike the rest. At Riesberg Institute, we understand that ear, nose, throat, and voice disorders can be a scary thing — which is why we’re here for you every step of the way. Our goal is to make your care as comfortable and convenient as possible. The welcoming team at Riesberg Institute provides the highest level of care throughout your entire journey — from the initial phone call to the follow-up appointment. To learn more about our skilled team,...