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Mary Riesberg

Mary Riesberg

Mary Riesberg is a well-recognized communication skills expert, professional speaker, licensed Speech Language Pathologist, and published author with over 25 years of experience working in the area of voice and voice disorders. Mary’s unique expertise connects the clinical analysis of the voice with the dynamic demands of a vocal professional. Mary helps patients feel comfortable and confident with their communication through vocal coaching and therapy to achieve their best possible voice. Together with her husband Dr. Michael Riesberg, they combine medical expertise with performance expertise to treat throat and vocal conditions at Riesberg Institute Voice Center and the nationally recognized Center of Vocal Excellence (COVE), located within Riesberg Institute. As a licensed SLP, Mary is active in many professional organizations including American Speech Language and Hearing Association,...


Meet the ‘Opera Doc’ — Michael Riesberg, M.D.

Dr. Michael Riesberg, an ENT physician and Pensacola’s acclaimed “Opera Doc,” is known for his medical expertise, leadership, vision, and philanthropy work. Riesberg Institute began in 2001 with a vision to create a destination medical practice that specializes in sinus, hearing, and voice — all under one roof. Riesberg Institute has grown to become Northwest Florida’s premier destination for convenient in-office balloon sinus procedures, hearing aids, and treatment of vocal conditions. Patients of Dr. Riesberg are impressed by his friendly manner, knowledge, and skillset. Dr. Riesberg works hand-in-hand with his wife Mary — a successful speech pathologist, author, and speaker — to combine performance expertise with medical expertise for throat and voice conditions at The Center of Vocal Excellence (COVE), located within Riesberg Institute. Dr. Riesberg is...