Seek refuge from congestion due to birch trees this spring!

Say Goodbye to Congestion this Spring

Although we enjoy all of the gorgeous trees throughout our neighborhoods and community in Northwest Florida, did you know they could be causing you congestion? Get relief this spring and request Riesberg! Spring Allergies in Northwest Florida As residents eagerly await the sunshine and warm weather that springtime in Florida provides, many are dreading the tree allergens that will begin circulating the air. From Birch to Oak, these are the culprits that are causing your watery, itchy eyes and congestion.  Birch River Birch is common in Northwest Florida and sufferers of this allergen definitely take notice when it blooms. Residents should take extra precautions during the late winter and early spring since this tree usually blooms during this time. Bayberry As the wind picks up during springtime Bayberry quickly begins to...

Stop suffering from chronic sinus infections

Signs of Chronic Sinus Infections

For those who suffer from sinus infections we often wonder, “Is this considered a chronic sinus infection?” Although many symptoms of acute and chronic sinus infections may be similar there are specific signs and symptoms you should look for to identify what help you should seek. Acute vs. Chronic Sinus Infections Sinus infections interfere with drainage and causes mucus buildup. Often it may cause breathing to become difficult and can even cause areas around your eyes and face to become swollen and tender. The amount of time these infections affect you vary and that also can cause them to classified differently. Acute sinus infections are usually a part of a cold or other respiratory illness and lasts for a short period of time, which is described at...

Understanding the basics of sinus infections may help you with temporary relief.

Sinus Infections: The Basic Things You Should Know

Many of us have suffered from sinus infections, but do you know why you are experiencing this pain and pressure? Understand what your sinuses are, the at home techniques you can implement, and how you can schedule an appointment at the Riesberg Institute so you can experience relief.   What Are Sinuses? Many of us have suffered from pain and pressure in our sinuses, but do you know what sinuses are? Sinuses in the face are air the spaces develop from nasal passages and help with air humidification and mucus secretion. Inflamed sinuses decrease the ability to breathe with ease and causes mucus to drain while increasing pressure within your sinuses, this is often classified as a sinus infection. Sinus infections are often caused by a bacterial infection,...


Relax and Gain Relief with Our In-House Balloon-Sinuplasty

Riesberg Institute is one of the only offices in the region to provide the in-office balloon-sinuplasty. With an educated and experienced staff, quick relief and a multitude of other benefits you will be happy you enlisted the help of our office! In-Office Balloon-Sinuplasty At Riesberg Institute our in-office balloon sinuplasty provides the relaxing atmosphere patients desire during any procedure! With spa-like qualities like relaxing music and primary attention from all staff members your worries will vanish the moment you walk into our office. In addition to our tranquil atmosphere, Riesberg Institute provides other benefits that hospitals don’t. Convenience Forget the times you had to search for parking or what floor, suite or office your appointment is located at. At the Riesberg Institute we are adamant in providing convenience for...

Fall allergies can be unbearable but the balloon-sinus procedure can provide you with relief!

Balloon-Sinus Procedure: Seek Refuge from Fall Allergies

As residents of the south, many of us run to seek refuge from exposure to allergens during the spring. But did you know that fall is actually a worse season for allergy sufferers? Luckily, at Riesberg Institute we can help! As one of the only ENT specialist in the region to provide the in-office balloon-sinus procedure, we are eager to assist you and provide relief from your discomfort. Fall Allergens in Florida As cooler weather comes to Florida, plants begin to release more pollen and the moist, cool air begins to spur mold growth on the leaves and other surfaces. These changes in temperature often spur ragweed, cedar elm and various types of molds. Additionally, as farmers begin to harvest peanuts during the fall, the harvesting...