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Mary Riesberg

Mary Riesberg

Mary Riesberg is a well-recognized communication skills expert, professional speaker, licensed Speech Language Pathologist, and published author with over 25 years of experience working in the area of voice and voice disorders. Mary’s unique expertise connects the clinical analysis of the voice with the dynamic demands of a vocal professional.

Mary helps patients feel comfortable and confident with their communication through vocal coaching and therapy to achieve their best possible voice. Together with her husband Dr. Michael Riesberg, they combine medical expertise with performance expertise to treat throat and vocal conditions at Riesberg Institute Voice Center and the nationally recognized Center of Vocal Excellence (COVE), located within Riesberg Institute.

As a licensed SLP, Mary is active in many professional organizations including American Speech Language and Hearing Association, Founding Leadership Partner with the John C. Maxwell Speakers and Coaches, International Christian Coaching Association, Toastmasters, American Society of Training and Development, American Business Women’s Association, and the Global Christian Professional Women’s Association.

Mary is passionate about her community and is highly-involved with many charity organizations. The organizations she supports include: Impact 100, Pensacola Opera, Capstone Academy, ARC Gateway, Independence for the Blind, American Cancer Society, Covenant Hospice, Trinitas Christian School, Council on Aging, United Cerebral Palsy, Pine Forest High School, and Pine Summit Baptist Church.

The Journey

Mary has had a lifelong passion with communication and speech. When Mary was a young girl, she had a speech impediment causing her to lack self-confidence and feel ashamed to speak. Mary can truly understand the anxiety and fears associated with public speaking. She can also understand the freedom and excitement that comes with communicating freely. It was her experiences as a young girl that inspired Mary to pursue her career as a Speech-Language Pathologist and obtain a master’s degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences from University of South Alabama.

Mary’s experience has taught her that speech can be difficult, but when mixed with proper instruction and passion, speech can become a beautiful masterpiece.

Outside of Riesberg Institute Voice Center, you can find information on Mary’s speaking engagements, coaching, training, and publications on

Mary complements her speaker and voice coaching with Team Communication and Leadership training as a Founding Partner of the John C. Maxwell Team of speakers, coaches, and trainers. She is known to transform beginner/professional speakers, radio and news personalities, government officials, and singers into Total Impact Speakers ™.

Her latest publications include, 7 Secrets to Successful Presentations and Center Ring: 7 Steps To Finding Balance and Momentum In Your Walk With Christ.

Mary and her husband Dr. Riesberg continue to grow Riesberg Institute in Northwest Florida into one known for its medical excellence, personalized care, and innovative treatments. Find out more at